26 Characters

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26 Characters ePUB ebook download Sometimes, while we are growing up, we meet someone – in a told tale or storybook, a film or a game – who captures our imagination and takes up permanent residence in our head. Pirates and pranksters, witches and woodland creatures, monsters and mythical heroes, these fictional friends can be as vivid as real people, and considerably more interesting.

The 26 Characters exhibition is what happened when The Story Museum invited some of Britain’s most exciting children’s authors to name their favourite story characters from their own childhood, and then be transformed into those characters and photographed by Cambridge Jones. Continue the adventure with the 26 Characters book, each chapter introducing the heroes and villains from our much-loved children’s classics.

Revealing unseen photographs, interviews, favourite extracts, original illustrations and new stories, the book is a feast for the imagination and a delightful insight into the characters who have inspired our favourite children’s authors.

eBook 26 Characters

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