Little Ways to Say You Care

ePUB-file by Marjabelle Young Stewart

Little Ways to Say You Care ePUB ebook download How often has your day been enhanced by a small, unnecessary but loving gesture? An unexpected love note from your partner. A single flower from a friend you've not seen for a while. A new print of an ancient family photo, sent by your sibling across the country. With these little acts of love and kindness, it's the love and kindness we remember, not the size of the deed. The pleasure we get from them — as giver or receiver — far outweighs their minimal cost in money, effort or time. These little gestures have been trampled by the high-pressure madness of modern life. We can't seem to find the minutes to give ourselves the gift of telling someone we love them.

Little Ways to Say You Care will show you how to reclaim that gift and express the emotions inside you. The ideas range from the sweet and simple to the sensual and sexy, from the frivolous and fun, to the spiritual and sublime. All of them reflect the truth that the way to capture another's heart is to open your own. The most powerful way to show love and caring is to give your time and attention.

eBook Little Ways to Say You Care

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