Ancient Hauntings

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Ancient Hauntings ePUB ebook download Originally published in 1976, this anthology includes facsimile reprints of nine early horror stories: "The Ensouled Violin," by H.P. Blavatsky; "The Green Staircase," by Gilbert Campbell; "The Haunted Hansom," by Howell Davies; "The Vial-Genie and the Mad Farthing," by Frédéric de la Motte Fouqué; "The Metempsychosis," by Robert McNish; "Fioraccio," by Giovanni Magherini-Graziani, translated by Mary A. Craig; "A Mystery of the Campagna," by Von Degen (pseud. of Ann C. Rabe); "The Green Hands: A Story About a Duet," by George Augustus Sala; and "Ghosts," Ivan Turgenev.

eBook Ancient Hauntings

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