Slave of Desire; Taken I

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Slave of Desire; Taken I ePUB ebook download There is some serious Stockholm syndrome attraction going on .

Cat was leaving earth on her way to travel, while waiting she is abducted and sold as a sex slave, in comes Bayne who takes over as Cat's master. I love the story because I like to read captive romance/erotica so in some cases I know what to expect some can get pretty hardcore. I have to admit Bayne's treatment of Cat was a bit harsh at times and even I had to wonder how will this end due to his harshness, his harshness was mainly verbal. At times Cat would be a little defiant but in some cases holds her own, Bayne's harshness stems from having to have the facade of a brutal pirate and I think he just didn't know how to turn that off especially when he started to develop feelings towards Cat, I felt the ending was ok and it all came together for both Bayne's and Cat. If your an erotica fan and like these captive stories then you know what to expect, if you haven't dabbled into this territory then be warned, there are also explicit language and sex so prepare for that.

Alsowhen your reading there might be some wording errors in the book, for me that didnt bother me I was more interested in the story.

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eBook Slave of Desire; Taken I

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