Emerald Death

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Emerald Death ePUB ebook download For Mike Hannigan, fleeing New York City ahead of a bullet seemed like a good deal. But when he reached Africa, he finds a whole new world of adventure waiting. Shortly after he arrives his interest is peaked when he hears about a treasure hidden deep in a lost city within the jungles of The Congo. Allying himself with Gregor Shotsky, an old friend, and Bridget O' Malley, a beautiful missionary and bush pilot, Hannigan finds himself on a quest for The Emerald of Eternity. A legendary gemstone said to contain the secret of immortality itself! Racing against a Nazi military search party, Hannigan must find and recover the mysterious gemstone or let it fall into the hands of the deadliest scourge to walk the earth, Dr. Ragnarok, a minion of Adolph Hitler. And if Hitler were to hold the mystic gemstone, the fate of the world would hang in the balance between life and an Emerald Death!

eBook Emerald Death

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