Eyes That See, Ears That Hear

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Eyes That See, Ears That Hear ePUB ebook download In his book, James Danaher successfully shows that a post-modern perspective, which questions the cultural, historical, and linguistic presuppositions involved in interpreting the Gospels, frees us to hear anew the culturally subversive, yet ultimately transformative message of Jesus' Good News.
The author carefully uses postmodern insights to illustrate that what we see in the Gospels is largely a product of how we see, and how we see comes from our social constructs, not what we interpret to be God's objective revelation.
Intended for Christians who are looking to understand Jesus in light of a postmodern perspective, as well as unchurched people who are interested in Jesus but having difficulty with the way the Gospel is culturally interpreted.
"Seldom have I read such a combination of stellar intelligence, simple clarity, and a 'heart' understanding of Jesus and the Gospels. This book could resolve many people's faith questions and concerns. Jim Danaher talks with humility, honestly, and orthodoxy at the same time-which is rare today."
—"Richard Rohr"
"This type of text I would use in my Christology or Post-Modern classes. It's accessible for the college undergraduate while remaining critical and engaging."
—"Jay Hammond"

eBook Eyes That See, Ears That Hear

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