Papa Fish's Lullaby

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Papa Fish's Lullaby ePUB ebook download Popular author Patricia Hubbell's writing exudes charm and whimsy in her many picture books. Papa Fish's Lullaby is no exception! A busy day in an underwater world comes to a close as Papa Fish sings his Little Fish to sleep. Our little fish encounters humpback whales, green sea turtles, sea horses, sea lions, sea otters, dolphins, moon jellies, octopus, geese and gulls. Gorgeous anemones, urchins, algae and coral set the stage. Eaddy's meticulous research on species and region give this book the strength of nonfiction reference, while her soothing images provide the softness and comfort of a bedtime story. Ms. Hubbell's perfectly cadenced rhymes will be swimming in readers' heads long after the book has been closed for the night.

eBook Papa Fish's Lullaby

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