5-Minute Good Night Stories

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5-Minute Good Night Stories ePUB ebook download My aunt sent me this book when I was around 6-years-old. My father, at the time, was so consumed with work that his presence in my childhood was always limited.

Reading these diverse, interesting, and true-to-its-name 5 minute stories every night was a wonderful way to reconnect with my father.

I remember loving this book, and repeatedly coming back to it to reread some of my favorite selections: Velveteen Rabbit, Bridget's New Look, Little Witch, Patch's Lucky Star, and Little Ant Goes to School (all time fave!).

There are 36 tales to choose from. And what I like about the stories the most is that they have good morals embedded within them. They aren't just silly children's tales, written purely for entertainment. Looking back, at 16-years-old, I actually find the underlying teaching principles each story holds extremely profound.

The copy of the book I have is all tattered now, with bindings almost falling apart. Regardless, it will always be a heartwarming sight. I always feel nostalgic when I skim through this book and all the good memories that accompany it.

I really recommend this book for parents to read to their kids. It's a good investment of your time, and anyone could learn a thing or two from these didactic stories.

eBook 5-Minute Good Night Stories

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