The Good Vibrations Guide

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The Good Vibrations Guide ePUB ebook download Down There Press authors have been answering that question for twenty-five years From Joani Blank's Good Vibrations "RM" bringing to light the sexual potential of "personal massagers", to Jack Morin's still the-only-one-of-its-kind Anal Pleasure & Health, to Susie Bright's genre-launching Herotica "RM", San Francisco's oldest publisher of award-winning sex-positive books has been breaking boundaries to delight and entertain its readers.Founded in 1975, Down There Press is the nation's first independent publisher devoted exclusively to publishing sexual health books. Founder and Publisher Emerita Joani Blank, then working as a sex educator and counselor, started writing her own books about sexuality at her clients' and other therapists' behest.

The press currently has a list of eighteen sexual self-awareness titles, including innovative and practical non-fiction with non-judgmental techniques for strengthening sexual communication. Down There Press also publishes lively literary and photographic erotica.

eBook The Good Vibrations Guide

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