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Revelations ePUB ebook download Teleporting to Ireland has its benefits and consequences for Caislyn, Jaxon, and Seth. The three of them find surprising links to their past as they also discover the whereabouts of Caislyn's parents. With a little help from some allies back home, they are finally able to set out on the rescue mission Caislyn has been dreaming of...

Magic, however, will not stop meddling in their affairs. Even as a little closure is found for both girls, more questions arise. The prophecy that has them continuing to run for their lives is still shrouded in mystery, as is the strange Blessing bestowed upon Caislyn that will force her to choose the man she is to be joined with in marriage. Choosing seems an easy task until dreams of another lover begin to plague her.

Even though she's in hiding, Jaxon has finally found an inner peace and a place where she feels content. That is, until tragedy strikes. The death of a loved one hits hard and vengeance overtakes her. Jaxon begins a journey down a dark path that may just prove fatal to her friendship with Caislyn and her growing relationship with Seth.

After setting off on her own, afraid of what the others will think of her, Jaxon discovers that it isn't easy to quiet the darkness that has been unleashed within her. Unfortunately, she didn't receive the blessing Caislyn did, and there will be no quarter given if the wrong people find her. It's up to Caislyn and Seth to find her first - and hope that the Jaxon they bring home is one worth saving.

eBook Revelations

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