The Beast and the Homecoming Queen (Queen of Beast, #1)

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The Beast and the Homecoming Queen (Queen of Beast, #1) ePUB ebook download Quinn's first eighteen years hasn't been easy; first her mother was killed in a car accident when she was a baby, next her father was murdered and his body discovered with unexplained bite marks. Finally, her evil step-mother takes her sister away leaving her alone in a massive house.

Three months later she starts her senior year, and she meets a new guy named Kaden Webb. He is dangerous, and she is drawn to him. Quinn's best friend Breanna, doesn’t like him and pushes her to their long time crush, Justin Keto.

After Quinn gets nominated for homecoming queen, she finds herself between Justin and Kaden. But Justin is the one to ask her to the dance, and she says yes.

Quinn finds out that she isn’t what she thought she was, she is a pure blooded werewolf, and is meant to lead the pack with Justin by her side. Both of the boys have to move in with her because she put Kaden under her protection and she is under Justin’s. Quinn wonders if she will lose her mind living with two jealous werewolves that are both in love with her.

Can true love's kiss cure all?

eBook The Beast and the Homecoming Queen (Queen of Beast, #1)

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