The Lord of Shadows

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The Lord of Shadows ePUB ebook download Written and Illustrated by Award Winning Author, Erin E. Ewer, "The Lord of Shadows" is an exciting fantasy adventure that follows our heroine, Nire, as she attempts to find her way out of the mysterious Realm of Shadows. In her struggle to get home, she finds more than she bargained for as she comes face to face with the demon ruler of this strange new land; the Lord of Shadows himself. Everything may not be as it seems, however, and as Nire begins to discover the truth about who she is, she is suddenly faced with her greatest fear of all.

Nire has been terrified of the dark ever since she was a little girl. After spending the majority of her young life being shuffled through foster homes, it seems her life is finally looking up. With her loving family and great friends, Nire is excited to begin preparing for college. But suddenly her nights begin to flood with dark dreams, and a strange voice is calling out to her. When she finds herself stranded in an unfamiliar world, it seems the only help she will find is from the very thing she fears the most. . . The Darkness.

Complete with 11 interior illustrations.

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eBook The Lord of Shadows

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