Harvey Green the Eating Machine

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Harvey Green the Eating Machine ePUB ebook download Harvey Green, the Eating Machine is a boy wonder when it comes to consumption. He eats 18 meals a day and 5 or 6 at night and Harvey eats everything in sight, everything! He eats so much, cows and chickens run the opposite direction when they see him.With all this eating going on Harvey grows and grows and grows and then — WHAM! — Harvey explodes. But this is not the end of his gastronomical extravaganza because Harvey pulls himself together again just in time for dinner.

Master comedy writer Gene Perret spent decades writing jokes for some of the country's greatest comedians. In Harvey Green he writes for children. Award-winning Illustrator Gary Bennett adds whimsical fish and foul and meat to make this children's book a family favorite.

Parents looking for ways to introduce young kids to table manners will find Harvey's great advice about eating etiquette in the back of the book. Harvey suggests, "Chewing with your mouth closed is one place to begin. Of course, you must open your mouth to get the food in."

Kids and the people who love them will have fun reading about Harvey Green. This silly story about a little boy and his eating adventures will please any kid who ever asked for a second helping.

eBook Harvey Green the Eating Machine

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