Jesus and the Jewish Festivals

ePUB-file by Gary M. Burge

Jesus and the Jewish Festivals ePUB ebook download Most readers of the New Testament study the great stories of Jesus through the lens of western culture. But how well can we really understand this Jewish teacher if we don t understand his context? In this series of books, Gary Burge uses his extensive knowledge of the first century world and the Middle East to offer insights not available to the average person. Each book will develop important cultural themes and wrap them around well-known New Testament passages. And the result will be insights rarely gained elsewhere. In this fourth volume of the Ancient Context, Ancient Faith series, Dr. Burge explores six different Jewish festivals as they were celebrated in the first century and examines how Jesus used the imagery of the festivals to unveil his own mission. Discover the Jewish Sabbath, Passover, Tabernacles, and Hanukkah as Jesus knew them."

eBook Jesus and the Jewish Festivals

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