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I am a dinosaur, otherwise known as a terrible lizard.
I do not know why I am so terrible.

From a Caldecott Medal honoree comes the story of an endearing Tyrannosaurus rex who wonders why he can't be a vegetarian

Tyrannosaurus rex is a terrible dinosaur; of this, everyone is certain. But is this dinosaur really so terrible? He IS very big and very hungry. True, he might even eat his neighbors for lunch. But from his point of view, he can't help it. After all, he's not a vegetarian . . .

T Is for Terrible is the story of an introspective dinosaur. With droll humor in both the text and illustrations, Peter McCarty shows us why dinosaurs are the obsession of children everywhere. His not so terrible. T. rex is one of the most irresistible children's book dinosaurs to appear since the Mesozoic era.

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