Schooltime For Sammy

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Schooltime For Sammy ePUB ebook download It’s the first day of school, and Sammy would rather play in the treetops than go to school. Sammy discovers, though, that playing alone is boring, especially when all the other little monkeys are at school. When Sammy hears about all the exciting things that his friends are doing in the classroom, he realizes that he is missing out on something important—and fun
Growing Pains is a series of books designed to help young children understand the world around them. Each amusingly told story has a gentle moral lesson and aims to help children deal with new situations in a positive manner. The stories are beautifully illustrated, with bold colors and brushstrokes, to charm adults and children alike. Books supplement character education curriculum and can be enjoyed at home or in a classroom setting.

eBook Schooltime For Sammy

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