Family Christmas Meal

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Family Christmas Meal ePUB ebook download Are you ready for the real story behind Christmas? Want to be entertained by yuletide yarns from exciting literary talent from around the world? Then the Family Christmas Meal from Black Coffey Publishing is your perfect piece of festive fiction.
Whether you’re only on the first window of your advent calendar, or looking to escape the monotony of a family Christmas then the Family Christmas Meal is the ideal read when the weather outside is frightful, if you’ve got a delightful fire or not!
From a rather original take on Dickens’ Christmas Carol and the ubiquitous Christmas pop, to the unnatural neon glow of Christmas lights and the hastily strewn decorations that characterise last minute preparations for the day you’ll find it all, right here.
Family Christmas Meal gives you the truth behind family Christmases, all told with natural prose, quick wit and sharp banter that puts you right in the room, in the argument and even passing the cranberry sauce to granny. It’s what good will to all men is all about – unless of course you’re faking surprise at presents, biting your lip at your uncle’s jokes or coping with a tipsy mum’s cooking!
It doesn’t matter whether you are more akin to Ebenezer Scrooge than one of Santa’s little helpers. The sometimes cynical views of Christmas expressed in this volume don’t sugar coat the festive period, they provide a window (completely free of snow spray) into how Christmases are actually celebrated, not how they’re portrayed in television adverts.
Family Christmas Meal is a fantastic read, excellent for the festive period but also a great opportunity to read the works of new authors. Authors that have been handpicked for their ability to tell tales that deliver realism, drama and comedy all wrapped in tinsel of believability with a bow of sharp prose and snappy dialogue.
So what are you waiting for? Black Coffey Publishing’s Family Christmas Meal is the ideal companion to get you through the holidays, the perfect indulgence if you want to escape all that turkey, crackers and party hats and of course, a read that you simply won’t want to put down.

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