First Kiss (Heavy Influence, #1)

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First Kiss (Heavy Influence, #1) ePUB ebook download Oh yeah. I got the goods. Be jealous. So very jealous. Because this is the shizz.

"While books have music as the theme, Frohoff takes it the next level by having a soundtrack with original music tied directly to the main character. Bringing the characters to life in a unique way. The music is the soul of the book.

There's so many situations in this novel that if taken to the next level.. it would be unbelievably horrific. I am not sure readers get the severity of how dire these situations are. Actually, no. I don't think they fully realize. But the staff and Admin at TWLOHA does, because that's the kind of people they deal with and try to help every day of their lives.

I not only hope this book and soundtrack will bring pleasure to many, many people all over the world. I also hope that it raises awareness and maybe just maybe it might help save someone's life."

eBook First Kiss (Heavy Influence, #1)

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