A Christmas Wish (The MacKenzie Family #1.1)

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A Christmas Wish (The MacKenzie Family #1.1) ePUB ebook download **A NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR**

Dear Readers,

A CHRISTMAS WISH is a continuation of Dane MacKenzie's story, DANE, which can be found for free at all retailers. It is highly recommended that you start with DANE since A CHRISTMAS WISH takes up where that novella ends. The response to the MacKenzie Brothers Novellas has been overwhelming, and I can't tell you how much it warms my heart that you fell in love with this family. I've decided to revisit each of the brothers because of all the wonderful emails I've received over the past couple of years asking, "What happens next?"

Back Cover Blurb:

Dane MacKenzie has made mistakes, but despite them all, he's reconnected with the woman he's always loved and the son he never knew he had. But things haven't gone the way he hoped. Charlotte still hasn't set a wedding date, and he's a stranger to his son. The only thing Dane wants for Christmas is for them to be a real family.

A carefully planned seduction, an old legend, and a family that never gives up on each other will give Dane the chance to get his Christmas wish.

eBook A Christmas Wish (The MacKenzie Family #1.1)

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