The Ruby Princess Runs Away (Jewel Kingdom #1)

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The Ruby Princess Runs Away (Jewel Kingdom #1) ePUB ebook download The Jewel Kingdom series is honestly by FAR one of the best children's princesses series I've ever read in my life! These short little books have a big simple plot and lovable energetic characters that are both memorable and enjoyable.

The Ruby Princess Runs Away in the first book in the series where the four young Princesses are crowned, and are each given their own land to rule by their parents. (HOW COOL IS THAT?!)

This book focuses on Roxanne, who will be crowned as the Ruby Princess and rule over the Red Mountains. But Roxanne doesn't want to be a princess and rule, so she runs away instead. Eventually, she meets some gnomes from the Red Mountains who have been attacked and robbed by the evil Darklings, which lights a spark inside her to protect her future people. ...But before she can even THINK about returning to her parents, she finds out that an impostor will be crowned the Ruby Princess instead! A very evil impostor!

I wish these Jewel Kingdom books were more well known! They are small stories, but have a great amount of depth and development in them for their size. They are very pleasant and easy to read too, I would strongly recommend the series to anyone, especially to young girls . :)

eBook The Ruby Princess Runs Away (Jewel Kingdom #1)

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