Life in Five Seconds

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Life in Five Seconds ePUB ebook download This book appeared as if out of nowhere on a recent shopping trip, and I picked it up for a steal (after being haunted by it for a week or so).
The creators at graphics studio H-57, Matteo Civaschi and Gianmarco Milesi, set out to tell a handful of historically important life stories in quickly digestible 'infograms,' and posted those online. The idea stuck, expanded and eventually evolved into this book, which goes beyond those initial characters (Hitler, Jesus, Michael Jackson, Marie Antoinette, Julius Caesar and Napoleon) to figures famous, infamous and pop-culturally trivial, as well as including historic sites & events and pop-culture phenomena.
For the most part, the images work well, combining timeline direction with language-free instruction-manual simplicity. If there are times that it fails, it's largely because it comes to close to contemporary popularity and away from any sense of historicity (seriously, in 10 years will anyone remember 'Posh & Becks'?).
Life in Five Seconds is a fun book to have lying around somewhere that it could be easily picked up and perused by company (though some of the graphics get a bit racy and/or violent), and its original cover price (£9.99) isn't even unreasonable (though I wouldn't have paid it). However, for something to live in one's library, it would almost immediately outlive its usefulness.

eBook Life in Five Seconds

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