Weber's Fresh on the Grill

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Weber's Fresh on the Grill ePUB ebook download Ninety - five mouthwatering recipes, with tips on preparing sauces, flavoured butters and marinades, "Weber's Fresh on the Grill" demonstrates the variety of dishes that can be successfully cooked on the grill. Weber is the most successful manufacturer and retailer of barbecues in Europe and the United States. The secret to Weber kettles is that not only can they grill they can also roast and bake. Indeed, the covered grill provides the dual option of indirect and direct methods of cooking, thus utilising more heat, reducing th overall cooking time, and enabling more control over the finished food. This inspired collection of recipes is dedicated to using the most delicious combinations of ingredients, fans of the barbecue will be seduced by the tempting aromas of grilled fish, meat and vegetarian dishes. Equally, the use of fresh herbs and flavourings, and a host of simple salads and side dishes will spice up or sweeten the main grill recipes. Also, a host of imaginative desserts complement the very essence of outdoor dining, from fragrant fruits and irresistible ice creams to perfect pavlovas.Whether you are looking for an everyday family meal, preparing a dinner party menu or simply enjoying the pleasure of alfresco dining, grilling brings out the robust flavours and distinctive textures of each dish, making the whole occasion of outdoor cooking truly memorable.

eBook Weber's Fresh on the Grill

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