Little Lizard

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Little Lizard ePUB ebook download So… You remember how, in my reviews of Baby Kangaroo and Baby Dolphin, I said that I just KNEW I’d read both of those books before – but I didn’t remember my family owning copies of them? Well, as I was reading Little Lizard, I finally figured it out.

When I was little, my family owned this thick volume of stories called Baby Animals. (I think we still own it, actually.) I read it over, and over, and over. There were stories about owlets, piglets, tigers, and – you guessed it – baby kangaroos, dolphins, and little lizards. :)

Well, now that we’ve got that mystery sorted out, there isn’t anything special that I need to say about Little Lizard except that it’s actually about a baby iguana, not a lizard. #whut

Conclusion. Cute. All of these stories (Baby Kangaroo, Baby Dolphin, Prairie Dog, Duckling and Little Lizard) would be more valuable if purchased in their original anthology.

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eBook Little Lizard

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