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Yquem ePUB ebook download The mere mention of Château d’Yquem and its signature sweet white wine evokes an image of unparalleled luxury, distinction, and enduring excellence. It embodies the luminous golden essence of the finest and rarest of wines. This legendary appellation is the result of centuries of painstaking cultivation of the vines, a unique vinification process, and the exceptional site, soil, and micro-climate, combined with the notorious "noble rot" to create this peerless nectar. The wine’s long history of distinction dates back to the 1700s when Thomas Jefferson brought home more than 250 bottles to share with George Washington. Yquem has recently undergone a renaissance: the château and its gardens have been restored, and its status as the world’s greatest white wine has never been stronger. The rare nature of this fine wine, and its exceptional characteristic flavor, are honored in this fully updated volume.

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