A Better Way to Pray

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A Better Way to Pray ePUB ebook download Another great book by Andrew Wommack. It appears that there are many things today that can make the most simple things difficult such as prayer. I have heard many different ways of doing it, get up very early and pray for an hour or two, do it at the end of your day, do it in a small, isolated place, do it outside, speak it out loud or write it in your journal, incorporate song, etc. I believe that there is no one way for everyone. As Wommack points out "the heart attitude behind your prayer interests God much more than the actual words you say."

Today many people see prayer as a time to ask God to fix this or give them that. But he states that is complaining, or griping. He says that "praying God's solution from the Word releases life but praying negatively and focusing on your problems only energizes and strengthens them." Wommack also points out to look to Jesus' prayer in the bible as our model. Christ's model began and ended with praise. Our prayer time with God is our intimate time with him just like our intimate time with someone we love deeply. In order to develop this relationship, it requires time. God loves us infinitely more than we love Him. Wommack shares that for him, he prays to God throughout his day. My notes here are inadequate to express the simplicity and power of this book. I encourage you to read it.

eBook A Better Way to Pray

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