Fire and Ice (The Body and Soul Trilogy, #3)

ePUB-file by Jamie Loeak

Fire and Ice (The Body and Soul Trilogy, #3) ePUB ebook download Kate’s talisman has been stolen, and she must now face her deepest fear: fear itself. Nevertheless, Kate is trying to live a normal life; she’s going on dates with Rico and hanging out with her friends. She’s still searching for ways to give Rico his humanity. She’s anxious about starting school. But when Slade comes back, things begin to change. Kate’s visions begin to show her things that prompt more questions, and when she searches for answers, she entices another demon to hunt her down. Then, on top of everything else, Kate finds out that she is a part of a prophecy, one that will bring the burning world to life. Can Kate stop the prophecy from happening? Can she stand to find out who Kern really is? Can she succeed in saving her body and soul? And most importantly, will Kate be able to spend her future with Rico?

eBook Fire and Ice (The Body and Soul Trilogy, #3)

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