The Meaning of India

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The Meaning of India ePUB ebook download "India is not a country," writes Raja Rao, "it is a perspective." And this book explores the perspective which he calls India, its metaphysic, the philosophical underpinning that sets India apart, uniquely distinguishes its civilisation. Through fable and real-life encounters, descriptions of journeys and events, or in discussions with contemporaries, Raja Rao's quest is unceasing and single-focused: how this perspective alone can give meaning to man's daily action. He draws on a wide range of sources, including the Vedas, Upanishads, teachings of Sankara, the writings of Bhartrihari, and the poetry of Valéry and Mallarmé. There are essays that describe his meetings with Gandhi and Nehru, so too with Forster and Malraux, westerners who drew close to India. This book grew over several decades during which Raja Rao created his unique body of fiction. His readers are familiar with the philosophical quest which runs through his novels and stories. The Meaning of India paints and details the essential metaphysical backdrop of his acclaimed writing. Written in rhythmic, sparkling style which Raja Rao has made his own since Kanthapura, both simple and eclectic, expansive and precise, this book holds that India's civilisation and meaning can only be known by understanding the truth about one's own existence and that of the world.

eBook The Meaning of India

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