ISTQB Advanced Functional Exam Preparation Guide

ePUB-file by Rex Black

ISTQB Advanced Functional Exam Preparation Guide ePUB ebook download A focused, comprehensive set of materials that will thoroughly prepare you for the ISTQB Advanced Functional Exam. Features include: a textbook; a detailed plan for preparing for the exam; one mock exam; over 60 sample Advanced Functional Exam questions; a review of the major elements in the applicable testing standards; the ISTQB Advanced Syllabus; the ISTQB Glossary; and, the ISTQB Advanced Exam Partitioning. Because the Advanced Syllabus builds on concepts from the Foundation Syllabus, we also include ISTQB Foundation Syllabus and over 200 sample Foundation Exam questions so you can review applicable topics. This package includes as the textbook a copy of *Pragmatic Software Testing*, Rex Black's hot-selling new book on test design and engineering. Binder set of materials and paperback text book.

eBook ISTQB Advanced Functional Exam Preparation Guide

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