The Joy of Grill Pizza

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The Joy of Grill Pizza ePUB ebook download The JOY of GRILL PIZZA is a manifesto for the revolution in the most popular food on the planet, pizza! Forget your brick ovens and pizza stones! Forget your pilgrimage to Naples, New York, and New Haven! When you discover the secrets in this book, the most mouthwatering pizza in the world will be in YOUR BACKYARD! Bestselling author and former senior editor of Prevention Magazine Dominick Bosco grew up eating the best pizza in the U.S.A., and actually went on a Pizza Pilgrimage to Italy AND built an Italian brick oven! Yet he discovered, as you will, that the best pizza can be made in your own backyard, on your own gas or charcoal grill. With The JOY of GRILL PIZZA by your side, you, too, will say, "I can't believe how INCREDIBLE that tastes!" And then you'll say, "I can't believe how EASY that was!" The JOY of GRILL PIZZA includes EASY step-by-step instructions for delicious pizza. With over 30 recipes, you'll soon be IMPRESSING your friends and family with pizzas like "The Classic Maggie... Not Quite A Virgin... Not Your Father's Pepperoni Pizza... Ed's Portuguee Man-o-War... I Left My Artichoke Hearts in San Francisco... French Heresy... Rikki Tikki Pizza... Reuben Never Had It So Good... Pole In A Grass Skirt... Love On A Saturday Morning... S'More Pizza Please... and many, many more! If you own a grill, this book is a MUST-HAVE! Don't MISS the Grill Pizza REVOLUTION!

eBook The Joy of Grill Pizza

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