A Dress In Red

ePUB-file by Steve French

A Dress In Red ePUB ebook download Love, betrayal, murder…
Revenge is a dish best served wearing a dress in red.

Mary Klingforth is an awkward seventeen-year-old girl
with love on her mind and a crush on the most popular jock in school,but the ‘Candy Apples’ mean girls gang torment her and stand in the way of her dreams.
Then one day, Mary falls madly in love with a tattered
red velvet dress at an estate sale. Despite its condition,
Mary just had to have it.
Mary’s best friend, Lisa, fears the dress from the moment
she touches it and sees a sinister presence lurking deep within it.

It isn’t long before Mary’s family, friends, and enemies
discover what happens when you tangle
with a woman wearing a dress in red.

You don’t own this dress. It owns you.

eBook A Dress In Red

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