Women Resurrected

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Women Resurrected ePUB ebook download The 50's were part of a golden age of science fiction, an era when the short story reached its pinnacle.It was also a time when women writers entered the field in unprecedented numbers.They brought a fresh perspective to a genre that had previously been dominated by testosterone driven action. Some went on to become major figures in science fiction while others wrote a story or two before leaving the field, but collectively they had an impact and laid the groundwork for the women writers of today.Resurrected Press has brought together stories from these pioneering women including:

The Lost Kafoozalum by Pauline Ashwell, Year of the Big Thaw by Marion Zimmer Bradley, Bride of the Dark One by Florence Verbell Brown, The Sound of Silenceby Barbara Constant, The Trap by Betsy Curtis, Foundling on Venus by Dorothy de Courcy, One Way by Miriam Allen deFord, I’ll Kill You Tomorrow by Helen Huber, Rough Translation by Jean M. Janis, Know Thy Neighbor by Elisabeth R. Lewis, Games by Katherine MacLean, Exile From Space by Judith Merril, Helpfully Yours by Evelyn E. Smith, Time Enough At Last Lyn Venable, A Matter of Proportion by Ann Walker, The Hero by Elaine Wilber, Longevity by Therese Windser, Homo Inferior by Mari Wolf

eBook Women Resurrected

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