Smart Budgets for Busy People

ePUB-file by Maria Zannini

Smart Budgets for Busy People ePUB ebook download I don't usually go for the non-fiction "self help" type of books, because quite frankly, I prefer to spend my reading time on more interesting endeavors, like Maria's Devil to Pay and True Believers, but Maria requested a beta read before she drafted the final version, so of course, I said yes. Besides, I've learned Maria can write anything.

I loved this little book. I am terrible at budgeting, and the only savings we have is thanks to Kurt, because he has more self control than I do. This book breaks down budgeting in simple terms and makes you realize that it IS possible, no matter how little money you think you have.

I highly recommend, even if you think you don't need to budget. Maria's included some tips for people of all walks of life. Who doesn't like having a little extra cash?

After raeding Smart Budgets, I plan to buy the remaining books in this series as they become available. I heard mention of a food book?

eBook Smart Budgets for Busy People

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