Chad and Sekou (Dragoste Academy, #2)

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Chad and Sekou (Dragoste Academy, #2) ePUB ebook download ★★★★★ Chad and Sekou by Kayci Morgan (Dragoste Academy book 2)

This book was a R2R that I was given in exchange for an honest review.

I really enjoyed this book. I really love the world Miss Kayci, has created at Dragoste Acedemy.

This is a continuation from Bayne and Lucas. I love the fact that the tie in to the story, and aren't just forgotten, which often happens in series.
Chad, is a ghost. He was the roommate of Bayne. He floats around the halls of Dragoste Acedemy, longing to be held and loved. But as a ghost, he just there, with no physical contact.
Sekou, is a shaman. He was the roommate of Lucas. He is just biding his time at the Acedemy, until he is called back to his tribe.
With Bayne and Lucas as a couple, it only makes since they should share a room. So when Sekou, suggests this to Bayne, he jumps on the idea. Chad is completely against this, because how is he supposed to watch his crush, date other people.
Although this story is short, it does have a nice HEA. I also loved the "love potion." I truly love a smart ass character.

I am loving the on-going story of Dragoste Acedemy, and can't wait for book 3. I just wish they were longer.

Thanks, Miss Kayci, for letting me enjoy the new characters.

eBook Chad and Sekou (Dragoste Academy, #2)

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