The Devil's Fire Trilogy (Devil's Fire, #1-3)

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The Devil's Fire Trilogy (Devil's Fire, #1-3) ePUB ebook download Three book collection of The Devil's Fire, The Devil's Tide, and the Devil's Horizon.

When Captain Jonathan Griffith takes the fire-haired Katherine Lindsay as his hostage, he inadvertently sparks a bloody chain of events that will alter the course of piracy in the Caribbean forever.

Set during the Golden Age of Piracy, fictional characters interweave seamlessly with legendary pirates such as "Calico Jack" Rackham, Benjamin Hornigold, Charles Vane, and the infamous Edward "Blackbeard" Teach.

Pirate lovers will find no shortage of treachery, cutlass duels, ship-to-ship battles, buried treasure and much, much more.

eBook The Devil's Fire Trilogy (Devil's Fire, #1-3)

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