Higher Ground

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Higher Ground ePUB ebook download The photos in this captivating series by Thomas Roma were taken in and around the elevated trains that run through the heart of Brooklyn. They capture pockets of time in the lives of the people who travel the trains, going to Coney Island or coming home from work or school — as they look out onto empty lots and backyards, or entertain their daydreams. As Ian Frazier writes in his forward, "Your train becomes a part of your biography, the hours spent on the F or B or D adding up eventually to a period of your life." Thomas Roma "sees, and makes us see, that what we do to accommodate the weight of time is a lot of who we are." In the photographs, a man studies a newspaper by the light of a window blurred with scratched-in graffiti, two young people kiss, another couple eats, a child sleeps in his mother's lap. By the light of this higher ground, Roma has created candid portraits of people marking their own passages through time.

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