Gentle Parenting Workshop 2 (Gentle Parenting Workshops #2)

ePUB-file by L.R. Knost

Gentle Parenting Workshop 2 (Gentle Parenting Workshops #2) ePUB ebook download The Gentle Parenting Workshop series from award-winning author, L.R.Knost, is a companion series to her best-selling parenting books, 'Two Thousand Kisses a Day,' 'Whispers Through Time,' and her newest release, 'The Gentle Parent.' This second workshop, Gentle Parenting Workshop 2: Healing from Your Past so You Don’t Pass it Along to Your Children, will help you walk through the steps of recovery from a painful past, leading you on a journey of healing and forgiveness, of unloading negative emotional baggage into the past where it belongs instead of unloading it onto your children and passing it along to the next generation, and of renewal to open the pathway to a more peaceful and gentle approach to parenting.

eBook Gentle Parenting Workshop 2 (Gentle Parenting Workshops #2)

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