de Luxe

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de Luxe ePUB ebook download For once, Jack Susko is feeling pretty good: his secondhand bookshop is on the up, and the cops havenOCOt been around in ages. Even his cat, Lois, is being nice to him.Then one morning a beautiful woman knocks on JackOCOs door and hands him an eviction notice. His former boss, a corrupt property developer, asks for help with a particular situation and wonOCOt take no for an answer. Throw in an ex-lover, her jealous boyfriend, half-a-dozen Playboy bunnies, a Nazi Luger and, of course, the police, and itOCOs safe to say that JackOCOs favourable winds are quickly turning a little rough.In his most thrilling and riotous adventure yet, De Luxe finds Jack Susko with all the odds against him OC and nothing but bad cards to play."

eBook de Luxe

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