Adventure Time Vol. 4

ePUB-file by Ryan North

Adventure Time Vol. 4 ePUB ebook download This volume is done by the writer of volume 1, Ryan North. Volume 1 was terrible, bit it may be because he as still trying to find his voice, since its daunting to write something original based on something so beloved.

He definitely hits the mark with Adventure Time Vol 4. It has no extra title, but the story is definitely memorable and entertaining

After a battle with the Ice King, Finn and Jake find the Ice King's secret dungeons. Ice King doesn't remember them, but they go back inside to find the legendary treasure inside, along with the intense dangers long forgotten.

The book combines character development alongside the action, so the book has purpose. Unlike Vol. 1, Vol. 4 gets it right. This is another must read for fans of the series, and viewers of the show will get the references and enjoy it more.

eBook Adventure Time Vol. 4

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