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King Henry was born on June 28, 1491 in Greenwich Palace, London. When his father dies in 1509, he is crowned king at the age of 18. In 1513, he goes into war with France to gain territory and put down Scottish rebellions. He gets married to Queen Catherine and has a kid in 1516 named Mary. However, later on Queen Catherine gets too old to have a child so Henry and Catherine separate. Henry lays eyes on a girl named Anne Boleyn even though the pop did not appeal. This caused him to break The Roman Catholic Church so he could marry Anne. That’s when Elizabeth was born, a new child born into royalty in 1533. In 1536, Henry starts being to close monasteries, which are a type of church. Anne gives birth to a son named Edward and she dies soon after. King Henry marries to Anne of Cleves, which he regrets and they break up. He marries another time to Catherine Parr, who gets executed two years later, which leads to Henry’s last wife, Catherine Parr, who became good friends with Mary. On January 28, 1547 Henry finally dies because of his age and how his health was slipping away mainly on his legs.

This book was good. It was fun learning more about King Henry because I read a Wicked History book about Mary Tudor, his daughter. I learned he was not such a good person. For example, he was married six times and divorced or killed his past wives. He would raise taxes for stupid reasons like buying new cloths. Also because he changed many religious laws because he was mad at his wife. Even though he had a good sense of humor and had a charm, he used his rights for evil. Overall, I liked this book because if had given lots of information.

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