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Oriente ePUB ebook download Phyllobates bolivianus: a tiny tree frog, equipped with a deadly venom that might just be of life-saving importance. The Amazon: the largest natural resource in South America, densely packed and rich with the unknown. All the draws you need to lure Doctora Ceola Lees to Bolivia - although the research grant certainly helps. There again, the UN-chartered survey - one that just might save his fledgling company - was all it took to get Mac MacKenzie to agree to go. And aren't they glad they did? Life certainly seems sweeter when there are chuflays on the table. After a chance encounter and the promise of fun in the jungle, Mac agrees to fly Ceola out to La Chonta and the Urubicha. It's all going so well until, in the depths of the Bolivian Amazon, a separatist coup succeeds in dividing the country, leaving Mac and Ceola trapped inside Oriente: the newest, and soon to be richest, country in South America. But the shadow of intrigue seems thicker in the jungle, and their new friends might not be as friendly as they seem. Mac and Ceola soon realise they're in for more than they bargained.

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