Bologna Social Enclave

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Bologna Social Enclave ePUB ebook download Wu Ming (extended name: Wu Ming Foundation) is the collective pen name of four Italian writers: Roberto Bui, Giovanni Cattabriga, Federico Guglielmi and Riccardo Pedrini, respectively known as "Wu Ming 1", "Wu Ming 2", "Wu Ming 4" and "Wu Ming 5". "Wu Ming" means "anonymous" in Chinese.Although their real names are not secret, the four authors never use them. The quartet was a quintet until 2008, when Luca Di Meo aka "Wu Ming 3" left the group. Wu Ming had previously been using another pen name: Luther Blissett.
Under that nom de plume, Wu Ming wrote the novel Q.
Each member of the group also writes as an individual author:
Wu Ming 1
Wu Ming 2
Wu Ming 4
Wu Ming 5

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