Japhet in Search of a Father

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Japhet in Search of a Father ePUB ebook download Another great read from the great Captain. Very Dickensian in scope and character. Not set on water!!

Not as "moral" as some of the other books (meaning I didn't mark as many pages with "that's important") but still great. The whole story is moral and upright in the main.

It had a little twist or variation on the love story format usually found in Marryat—that was fun.

Sorry I can't give you the details, but seriously, sometime you all need to pick up a Marryat.

One thing I did flag:

"If the reader will recall my narrative to his recollection, he must observe, that religion had had hiterto but little of my thoughts. I had lived the life of most who live in this world; perhaps not quite so correct in morals as many people for my code of morality was suited to circumstances; as to religion, I had none. I had lived in the world, and for the world. I had certainly been well instructed in the tenets of our faith when I was at the Asylum (the main character had been raised in a "foundling hospital"), but there, as in most other schools, it is made irksome, as a task, and is looked upon with almost a feeling of aversion. No proper religious sentiments are, or can be, inculcated to a large number of scholars; it is the parent alone who can instill, by precept and example, that true sense of religion, which may serve as a guide through life."


eBook Japhet in Search of a Father

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