Stone Passions Trilogy (Stone Passion, # 1-3)

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Stone Passions Trilogy (Stone Passion, # 1-3) ePUB ebook download The Stone Passions Trilogy combined into one volume:

~Stone Lover~

Melanie Jacobs has always been a little out of step with the rest of the world. She sees things that aren’t there, from the magnificent stone birds that fly overhead to the enchanted castle in the middle of the city. It’s when she gets an apartment in the castle that she discovers that she isn’t the one seeing things; it’s the rest of the world that is asleep.

Vaughn Nosuntres explodes into her life New Year’s Eve and he is unlike any man she has ever known. The attraction is magnetic, overwhelming and irresistible. Powerless to resist, they embark on a passionate affair under the cover of night.

But what Melanie doesn’t know is that when the sun comes up Vaughn becomes a stone beast, a guardian of the worlds and a protector of Melanie.

~Stone Romance~

Once upon a cold winter’s night a magnificent man enters Jenna Jacob’s life and with a kiss nothing will ever be the same again….

For almost seven years, Jenna had been sleepwalking through life, going through the motions and trying to be the best mother she can be to her precocious daughter. Now she’s ready to start living again, hoping to test the water with someone safe. But the Fates, and her sister, have other plans and she is introduced to the marvelous Rhys Nosuntres. A man with a ready smile and pure erotic magnetism, he draws Jenna in despite her wariness. Even when complications arise to keep them apart it is hard to stay away from one another no matter how hard they try.

The Fates and the mysterious Omari conspire to bring them together, sending Rhys and Jenna on a journey of discovery. What Jenna discovers changes everything: Rhys is a Gargoyle and he is a Guardian between the two worlds. He is charming, generous and an inventive lover and Jenna cannot help but fall in love with him.

But the Fates can also be cruel, giving Jenna everything she thought she wanted just when she discovers everything she needs.

~Stone Destiny~

It has been fifteen years since the events of Stone Lover and Stone Romance. The veil between the two worlds has fallen and Armand Nosuntres no longer knows his purpose: he is a Guardian with nothing left to guard. As he struggles with his new reality he is unaware that his destiny lies with the woman who loves him unconditionally, who has always loved him: Ferris Jacobs.

A human raised in the world of magic, Ferris has never really fit in. Her best friend is an imp, her playmates are pixies, and she's in love with a stubborn gargoyle who is having a difficult time seeing her as a grown woman. But she has a plan and before she is through Armand isn't going to know what hit him.

In an attempt to protect the vibrant Ferris from her own folly, Armand makes a decision that dramatically changes everything, sending Ferris on a journey that she never expected but one that she ultimately had to take.

As passions explode and lovers are torn apart, Armand and Ferris have to find their way back to one another before fate spins out of control and destroy everything in its path.

Approx. 304,000 words containing adult situations and steamy sex scenes, frank language, mythological creatures, drama, passion, love, romance, destiny, and gargoyles.

eBook Stone Passions Trilogy (Stone Passion, # 1-3)

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