From Business Cards to Business Relationships

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From Business Cards to Business Relationships ePUB ebook download Professionals of all stripes and ages are told to 'get out there' and network so they can build their careers, grow their businesses and/or become influential, but they are rarely taught how to actually do it. Most people are lost when it comes to networking, longing to be part of the 'in' crowd, and wasting time and money being 'out there' and not getting results. "From Business Cards to Business Relationships" is a start-to-finish guide that demystifies the networking process and teaches readers how to truly benefit from networking and how to do it productively. Rather than telling the reader to go to a networking event and meet people, "FBC2BR" breaks down the process of how to decide which events to go to, what to do when you get there and what to do afterwards to take those casual business card contacts and turn them into meaningful relationships.

There are four sections to the book: 1. The Concept (expectations, objectives, results) 2. The Business of YOU (personal brand) 3. The Fundamentals (how to mingle, remember names, small talk, create mini-bonds) 4. The Strategy (where to go, how to follow up, how to organize and manage contacts)

Most networking resources take one of two approaches: either it is set at too macro a level, sharing stories of others, but not digging deep enough into the topic so the reader can have the same success; or it teaches cheesy, old-fashioned networking approaches that are difficult to implement and don't work for most people. "From" "Business Cards to Business Relationships" gives readers the tools they need to build their own ultimate network and accomplish whatever they want by meeting and connecting with the right people.

eBook From Business Cards to Business Relationships

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