The Dictionary of Native American Terminology

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The Dictionary of Native American Terminology ePUB ebook download The Dictionary of Native American Terminology is a valuable reference for those interested in Native American studies, and for anyone interested in the fascinating linguisting heritage of North Americans.

Ancient Native American culture is fascinating to many modern scholars. This volume is a comprehensive hardcover reference, a composite glossary, dictionary, and encyclopedia. This extraordinary work covers every aspect of Native American Culture. Entries provide brief definitions, information about language usage, relevance in Native American history, alternate spellings, and numerous cross-references to related subjects. This book also features original drawings, a categorical index, and a selective bibliography.

How did the Sioux greeting "how" originate? Is it from the word "howdy" or the phrase "how are you"? Actually the Sioux greeting "how" means "satisfactory" or "good," and is more correctly spelled hau. Also, did you know that the peace pipe, properly known as a calumet, was used in preparation for war as well as in peacemaking ceremonies?

eBook The Dictionary of Native American Terminology

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