Danger Zone

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Danger Zone ePUB ebook download Frank and Joe Hardy are driving home set on watching a football game and chowing with their friends Chet, Phil, and Biff. But when they get home, they forget all about the game – because they discover that their mother, Laura, has been kidnapped.

The kidnappers insist on speaking to Fenton Hardy. They tell him that the only way they’ll ever see Mrs. Hardy again is if he arranges for a breach of security at Prometheus Computing and allows the kidnappers to steal a precious piece of technology. Will Fenton be forced to compromise his reputation, or will the three men find a way to rescue Mrs. Hardy?


I enjoyed this Casefile more than most – in some of the others, the boys (Joe especially) can sometimes display a flippant attitude towards adults and life in general. Also, there’s usually some sort of goings-on between Joe and a pretty waitress. But in Danger Zone, there is no pretty waitress, and the boys exhibit a touching degree of concern and affection for their mother.

Conclusion. One of the better Casefiles.

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