The Sesame Street Storybook

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The Sesame Street Storybook ePUB ebook download In this book, Frith illustrated "Shapes of Things to Eat," "Grover Above and Below," "Cookie Monster Up and Down," and "Grover Near and Far." He also contributed the two-page illustration for the book's endpapers, which includes small portraits of Henson and Oz looking out of the 123 Sesame Street windows, and a self-portrait of Frith on a poster.

Kelly Oechsli contributed "The Princess and the Cookie," "Ernie Dusts the Shelf," "The Diamond D and the Dreadful Dragon," "Ernie's Six Delicious Cookies," and "The Magic Apple."

Mel Crawford illustrated "Oscar Chooses a Pet," and drew comics pages based on Sesame sketches: "Ernie Presents the Letter A," "Ernie Presents the Letter Q," "Bert Presents the Number 5," "Ernie Presents the Letter U," and "Herbert Birdsfoot Explains the Word Full."

Mary Lou Dettmer illustrated the story "The Boy, the Girl and the Jellybeans."

eBook The Sesame Street Storybook

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