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David Blaize ePUB ebook download The important thing is not the object of love, but the emotion itself. - Gore Vidal

written during World War II, David Blaize is E.F. Benson's nostalgic coming-of-age tale about school life, friendship and growing up in the late 19th century.
filled with humor, wit and rich detail, this eponymous novel relates our protagonist's experiences from prep school to Marchester College - his trials and triumphs and especially his relationship with Frank Maddox.
the homo-eroticism is so subtle that what David and Maddox had going on could hardly be labeled as romance but it is there all the same. perhaps, what makes it really different and special between David and Frank is that it remains purely platonic all throughout the story. Frank, being older, exercises restraint and David, clueless at first, learns to be comfortable about the whole affair later.
although the abundant sections on cricket matches tried my patience as i read, i would consider this novel an engaging story. it was also an idyllic trip down memory lane to a time where life held so much promise and beauty as it did for David Blaize.

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