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Distortion ePUB ebook download What if you had a book that could give you the power to heal yourself? What if you had one that could give you the wisdom to become prosperous? What if you met a Man who had the power to obliterate everything you ever said or did wrong? In this brand new book by Jesse Duplantis, youll learn how to recognize the difference between the real and raw power of Gods Wordand the powerless genetically altered face of distorted Christianity. Youll be inspired to: go back to the fearless roots of your faith; see Gods Word for what it really istruth and pure, raw power; rid yourself of the distorted views that keep you from excelling; and discern real Christianity from genetically altered Christianity. Discover how you can stimulate the Bibles timeless inherent power by reading and applying it with greater discernment and, more importantly, a fearless and open heart.

eBook Distortion

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