Jack Greenwood (The Fire Mage Trilogy, #1.5)

ePUB-file by Kate Bloomfield

Jack Greenwood (The Fire Mage Trilogy, #1.5) ePUB ebook download Take a peek into the life of Jack Greenwood from 'The Fire Mage Trilogy' in this never-before-seen prequel to 'Frost Arch'. All new content and information about Jack.

Visit Jack's life aged 14 in Frost Arch.

Entire story available FREE through: Goodreads, Smashwords, Scribd, and Kate's personal blog, as a gift to my readers.

***Recommended reading BEFORE this short story: Frost Arch - Book 1 of The Fire Mage Trilogy***

eBook Jack Greenwood (The Fire Mage Trilogy, #1.5)

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